Frequently Asked Questions

Lost, stolen or misplaced gift cards:
Please keep your gift card(s) safe and secure. The value of gift card(s) cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, misplaced, damaged or used without your permission. Protect your gift card(s) like cash.

I am having trouble viewing the website.
If you are having trouble viewing the website, make sure you are using a current up-to-date browser.

Can I download a PDF of the reward merchandise?
Sorry, a pdf of rewards merchandise is not available at this time.

What if I have questions about reward merchandise?
E-mail , or call 248-322-5448.

Shipping & Backorders:
Most merchandise displayed on will ship within 2 to 4 weeks. Gift Cards can take up to 6 weeks. Some items may take longer due to high demand and backorders. can't guarantee availability of all merchandise displayed on due to circumstances beyond our control. If an item is not available or discontinued you will be contacted to select another reward.

What if I have problems with the site or my order?
E-mail , or call 248-322-5448.

Will updating my account information with a new address effect orders already placed?
No, orders placed prior to the address change will ship to the address indicated at the time of order. If you need to change an address on an pending order, please E-mail a , or call 248-322-5448 ASAP.

Will I receive an order confirmation?
Yes, you will receive a confirming email with your order details.

What is the Return Policy?
Returns to must be made within 30 days of our shipping date.

All items must be returned in like-new condition, in original packaging with packing sufficient to avoid damage. Any instruction manuals or product cases must also be included with returned item. Items returned that are damaged, missing major contents or not in a like-new condition may be refused.

If you would like to return any item contact Customer Service regarding your return.
Phone: 248-322-5448

After 30 day return period: If your item is defective, breaks, a part is missing, or if you have difficulty or questions about using the product, contact the manufacturer. Most manufacturers have websites with support and help.

What is the Return Policy for Damaged or Defective Merchandise?
Items received damaged or defective within 30 days of receipt: In most cases we can have a replacement item sent to you.

Contact Customer Service regarding your return:
Phone: 248-322-5448

Errors, Corrections and Changes:
Care is taken to provide accurate descriptions of the merchandise displayed on, but we can't guarantee the accuracy of all information posted. Point values and items displayed may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control and typographical errors may occur.

Contact Us:
Our Customer Service Experts are available to assist you with your ordering during business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.
40 Silverdome Industrial Park • Pontiac, MI 48342
Phone: 248-322-5448 • Fax: 248-322-5454

Descriptive, typographic or photographic errors are subject to correction without prior notification. Actual colors and sizes may vary.